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Medical assistance is medical assistance of an organizational nature, aimed at obtaining medical services for the client.

Our clients can contact public and private clinics from our network of providers, such as Ardent Assistance (Canada), PingAN (China), Savitar (Russia), GMMI (USA) and others and receive medical assistance free of charge.

The partner network of Archimedes Kazakhstan covers 500 medical centers across Kazakhstan. We serve more than 70 thousand clients.

Family doctor (general practitioner) services.
Pre-medical consultation by telephone is carried out by junior medical specialists.
Home visit of the family doctor/profile specialists.
Round-the-clock call-center.
Medical support for corporate events.
Day hospital at the medical center.
Telemedicine. Online consultation of a doctor, remote provision of medical services.
Organization of on-site medical units in companies.
Visits of the doctor to the house, to the office.
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