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VHI service

Voluntary medical insurance for corporate clients offers comprehensive services for company employees and full coverage of emergency medical care, medical assistance, outpatient care, dental treatment, inpatient care, travel insurance, rehabilitation measures, additional insurance coverage, seasonal flu vaccination ...

Insurance territory - the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The insurance period is 1 calendar year.

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Persons accepted for insurance:

  • at the age of 1 to 65 years inclusive;
  • do not have a disease, according to the Order No. 526 dated 14.10.2009 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • who are I, II groups disabled or disabled since childhood.

The service is provided for corporate clients with an estimated number of employees to be insured, at least 10 people for the Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum programs and at least 30 people for the Basic program.

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