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For VHI insured

The list of documents required to reimburse insured clients for expenses for medical services:

An application for reimbursement of medical expenses from an insured client is filled out in the prescribed form. An application for reimbursement of medical expenses is completed within the time frame established by the insurance contract.

Download application for reimbursement of expenses

The following documents are attached to the application:

Copy of ID
Child's birth certificate
Bank reference on the Client's IBAN account

Claim for a reimbursement

On inpatient treatment - invoice, fiscal check, copy of hospital statement, calculation list.

By pregnancy - Pregnancy contract, Act of performance, invoice, fiscal check.

By birth. - Extract from the history of childbirth, extract from the history of the newborn, child's birth certificate, Certificate of Completion, invoice, fiscal check.

Outpatient care - The original fiscal receipt, a copy of the results of the examination, a copy of the doctor's consultation record with a recommendation for the examination. For consultations with specialists, a copy of the consultation sheet with the complaints about which the client applied and the final diagnosis of the specialist. If the client receives several types of medical services, a costing or sales receipt for each service received, or an invoice with a complete list of services provided and their cost, is additionally required.

On drug coverage - sales receipt, fiscal receipt, copy of the doctor's consultation record with the diagnosis and therapeutic recommendations. Expenses for the purchase of dietary supplements, multivitamins, homeopathic medicines, non-medicated medical devices, except syringes, systems, venous catheters, are not subject to reimbursement.

For dental treatment - Dental purchase order (a document issued by the dentist) indicating the diagnosis and a list of the work performed with the cost of each service, fiscal receipt, X-ray scope or panoramic dental images.

Reimbursement request
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The insurer, if necessary, may additionally require the provision of other documents, the absence of which makes it impossible to establish the fact of the insured event and determine the amount of the insurance payment.

The responsibility for submitting documents confirming the occurrence of the insured event shall be borne by the Insured.

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