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Since 2018, Archimedes Kazakhstan has been included in the register of providers of Primary Health Care (PHC) as part of the guaranteed volume of free medical care of the Department of Public Health in Almaty.

Primary health care is pre-medical or qualified medical care, which includes a range of affordable medical services provided at the level of an individual, family and society.

The state program "Densaulyk", aimed at the development of health care, provides for the transition to the family principle of serving the population. In this regard, in our network of clinics, we have done a great job of transferring PHC to the practice of a GP (general practitioner / family doctor).

Today 82% of the district service have been transferred to GP practice. The main task of the general practitioner (GP) is to protect the health of the served families, provide primary medical care, and treat patients regardless of their age and type of disease. The transition of PHC to the practice of GPs provides for a significant expansion of the functions of GPs in comparison with district therapists and pediatricians.

Врачам общей практики делегированы от «узких» специалистов приемы по профилям: кардиология, ревматология, пульмонология, эндокринология, гастроэнтерология, неврология, нефрология, оториноларингология, офтальмология.

Запись к врачам профильных специальностей осуществляется только по направлению участковых ВОП, после проведения минимального обследования и с указанием предварительного диагноза.

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