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For traveling abroad

Actions in the event of an insured event during a holiday abroad:

Step 1. Call the 24-hour CHP Assist Central Asia, following the instructions exactly.

Step 2. Please provide the following information:

  • Your surname, name, contract number, contract duration
  • Reason for seeking help (complaints)
  • Your location (country, city)
  • Code and phone number by which the coordinator of "CHP Assist Central Asia" can contact you.
  • If necessary, send a copy of the policy to CHP Assist Central Asia.

ATTENTION! Only timely contact (within 48 hours) to "CHP Assist Central Asia" and approval of your medical expenses are the conditions for payment of insurance compensation. The insurance company is not responsible and has the right to refuse to pay insurance compensation for insured events not agreed with the Service Company "CHP Assist Central Asia".

Numbers by which you can contact the Service Company from anywhere in the world:
+ 7 727 327 28 58
CHP- 24.kz
WhatsApp/ WeChat/ Viber:
+ 7 775 111 28 28
+7 701 763 52 53
+7 771 990 75 72

Full information about the insurance rules on the website www.sinoasia.kz

Reimbursement request
Our operators will contact you and answer your questions

List of documents for Traveling abroad:

  • Insurance claim application, download
  • Scanned copies of medical reports / opinions
  • Checks confirming the fact of payment
  • Copy of insurance certificate
  • Copy of passport (title page and border crossing stamps)
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